Our BRASH History

Our roots are built in the Toni & Guy foundation.


Brian getting ready for his first Toni & Guy show
Guy Mascolo, Ashley Walters, and Paul Jospeh Marzioli

Brian started at Toni & Guy Dallas

Brian’s photo autographed by Bruno


Ashley Models for Toni & Guy
Lisa, Brian, & Ashley at Toni & Guy Fashion Show 2000

Making BIG Moves

Toni & Guy comes to Atlanta


Brian at the build of Toni & Guy North Point


Brian and Ashley at the Toni & Guy 20 years in America anniversary party
Ashley and James Morrison giving a demonstration at Toni & Guy's 20th Anniversary Collection Release
Ashley and James Morrison giving a demonstration at Toni & Guy’s 20th Anniversary Collection Release
Sierra & Nikki celebrating post Bespoke collection release
Nikki Winning Photographic Awards for Avant Garde 2006


Brian becomes sole owner of Toni & Guy North Point Mall in Alpharetta 2014


Brian, Ashley, and Bruno Mascolo for the opening of a a new Toni & Guy salon in Houston August 2017

+ Four Atlanta Locations

+ Toni & Guy begins Franchising

+ Brian & Barker Opened

  • North Point Toni & Guy
  • Gwinnett Toni & Guy
  • Town Center Toni & Guy
  • Perimeter Toni & Guy


Ashely Working at Toni & Guy North Point
Brian in 2004 traveling around Japan for a Educational Seminar
Ashley on stage in London for Toni & Guy demonstration in 2004


Brian and Ashley in Dallas Toni & Guy Collection Release 2005
chase and brian on stage with paul marzioli at Atlanta show
Chase and Brian on stage with Paul Marzioli at Atlanta show 2005
Ashley China Show 2005


Ashley in London for Toni & Guy Show
Ashley on stage in London for the 2007 Toni & Guy Show
Nikki winning Photographic Awards for the 2nd year in a row 2007

Making BIGGER Moves


Brian and Ashley at the Construction of Toni & Guy Webb Bridge


Toni & Guy Webb Bridge officially open January 2018.
Brian & Ashley in Dallas Texas for the 2019 Us United collection release


Ashley & Brian Walters in front of the Salon on the 1 year anniversary of being open.

We wanted to move way from the mall life. To give our staff and clients the space they deserve.

We Started construction on Toni & Guy Webb Bridge Way in 2017.

By January 2018 we were ready for new beginnings. Bye, North Point!

Lisa, Brian, Rebecca, Sierra, and Nikki final photo in front of Toni & Guy North Point

We are so grateful for all of our amazing clients that helped us make this a successful transition. We would not have been able to build our beautiful new location without your support.

– your brash family

Growing Our Unique Image


Sierra on stage in 2005 at a Toni & Guy Event
Sierra is a Colorist and has been with our Toni & Guy team for 19 years.


Brash Hairdressers Icon



  • Thoughtful
  • Daring
  • Talented
  • Edgy
  • Unique
  • Listeners


Many of our stylist have been with us five plus years.
Nikki BRASH Hairdresser
Nikki is a Creative Director and has been with our Toni & Guy team for 17 years.

When you build a connection with your team that inspires you to become bigger than you already are, you need an image just as unique.

Brian Walters